Article in ActiveOver50 Magazine – Spring 2015 Issue

“What To Do With Your Stuff?”

A Primer for Baby Boomers, Seniors and Families

By Lois Tager

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Lois Tager at book signing event

Q: Why Did You Write the Book?

My clients often come to see me when their parents have passed away without any prior decisions regarding their “stuff.” They are left to discard everything left behind such as contents of the home, jewelry, keepsakes, etc. and often strongly disagree on who gets what. These disagreements often fracture the family for life. My hope is that the book will encourage people to make decisions as to who gets what to help avoid family arguments and life-long estrangement.

Q: How Do You Get Rid of Stuff?

There are a number of ways to decide what valuables and collectibles are to remain with loved ones and what to discard. A simple journal to record whom is to receive special articles is just one simple way. Help is available when there is a great deal of “stuff” such as organizers and move managers. The book delves into many different ways to get rid of everything from the simplest to the most complicated.

Q: What are Life Choices?

Do you have an up-to-date Power of Attorney for Healthcare? “Life choices” covers everything from Powers of Attorney to an Advance Health Directive so your wishes will be known when it is necessary for others to make decisions if one is incapacitated. It also applies to end-of-life decisions which so many choose to ignore, therefore allowing others to make decisions which may or may not be in concert with what the elder would want at a very difficult and emotional time.

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